Design / SNO FLEX Features

SNO FLEX Features

We’ve built our SNO FLEX platform on top of WordPress to makes our sites easy to use and easy to customize. The SNO FLEX platform will give our users all the features they’d expect and more.

Responsive Design

The SNO FLEX platform is built to be responsive to any mobile or tablet browser that your readers may use. Check out the SNO FLEX demo site to see this feature in action. As you shrink your browser window, the content will automatically be reformatted to fit the screen.

Preset Design Options

The SNO FLEX platform has six preset design options. Within a matter of seconds, you can switch to any of the preset designs and then further customize any aspect of that design. You’ll have full access to new SNO FLEX preset designs as they become available.

6 Column Configurations

The SNO FLEX platform has 6 different column configurations for the homepage that you can change in a matter of seconds. Your content (video embed sizes, photo sizes, etc…) will automatically be scaled to your new column configuration.

Google Fonts

The SNO FLEX platform has incorporated the Google font library and allows you to set the font for 8 different font zones (header, navigation bars, headlines, etc…).

Homepage Showcase Area

The Homepage Showcase area is highly flexible –– it has five different display styles; in addition each style can be further customized. We’ve built in advanced javascript controls to allow you to change between three transition styles (fade, horizontal, vertical) and to give you full control of the timing and scrolling of the slides.

Widget-Based Websites

Our homepage is built entirely out of four widget areas, and every element on the homepage is a widget. This means that you can use the WordPress widget interface to drag and drop as many instances of any of the widgets as you want into any of the areas in order to create a layout that is uniquely yours. In addition, each widget has its own set of style and color controls so that every widget on your site can have a unique appearance.

The category display boxes on the homepage (Sports or News, for example) each have more than a dozen display options that allow you to control everything from headline and photo size to teaser length and the number of headlines to display for each individual widget. You can have as many category widgets on the homepage as you want, and each widget can be given a unique appearance and color scheme.

You can have unlimited instances of video, podcast, and advertising widgets. If you have a video-based journalism program, you could easily turn your homepage into a video-based page; you can also have as many ad spaces as you want.

Widget Styles

There are five widget styles built in to the SNO FLEX platform, and you can control the colors, backgrounds, and borders of each of those styles. In addition to that, we’ve built style-override tools into each widget so that you can customize each instance of each widget separately. These options give your site hundreds of possible looks.

Breaking News Ticker

Included with the SNO FLEX platform is a news ticker that displays breaking news headlines across the top of the site. This feature can quickly be toggled on or off, placed in four different locations, and headlines in the ticker can be linked to any story on your site or even to a page on a different site.

Built for Journalists

The SNO FLEX platform has a comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for journalism organizations. Not only are there caption spaces built in for photos, but there are also fields for writer bylines, photo credits, and video credits — these fields automatically link all of a staff member’s work to his/her profile page. Have multiple writers for a story? No problem. The SNO FLEX platform will link each writer to the correct profile.

Each story’s page has many customizable options as well — you can control photo location, video location, slideshow location, and the location of the related stories box.

Change Colors Easily

Every color on your site can be changed in a matter of seconds with a colorpicker on our Options Page.

Custom Header Image

You can upload a new header image directly to the Design Options page in a matter of seconds.

Automated Photo Scaling

Photos in different parts of your site are different sizes — the SNO FLEX platform automatically generates the correct photo sizes and optimizes your images to keep your site running quickly.