Learn More / WordPress and SNO

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open-source publishing platform that enables casual and professional publishers alike to manage sophisticated and highly-functional websites.

WordPress originated as a blogging tool, but it has transformed into a highly versatile and powerful content management system (CMS).

Why do we use WordPress?

Simply put, it’s easy to use, it’s free, and it’s powerful.

Because WordPress is open-source, there are no licensing fees that you need to pay –– that helps keep our setup and renewal fees low.

WordPress makes running a website easy.  You’ll never need to use FTP, you’ll never need to use DreamWeaver, and you’ll never need to know HTML. WordPress has an easy to use text editor that allows you to format text and photos without any knowledge of coding.

We think WordPress is the best software on the market right now for building dynamic news websites, and once you use one of our sites, we think you’ll agree with us.

Why WordPress works for journalism programs

User Roles and Permissions

With WordPress user accounts and permissions, you decide who has access to add and publish content to your site. Do you want to review every story before it is published? No problem.

Dynamic Homepage

Every time you add a new story, your site will automatically place your newest content on your front page. The site automatically creates a 20-40 word teaser for each story to maximize the content that readers first see when they look at your site.

Story Packages

With each story, you can include extras, such as a photo, a caption, a byline, a photo credit line, a slideshow, a video, or an audio clip — wherever your story appears on your site, that extra information will also automatically appear. Our SNO FLEX platform also automatically adds a list of related stories whenever a full story is displayed.

Simple Publishing

Everything you need to do to manage the site –– posting stories, editing stories, uploading photos, changing the polls, adding music and video –– all can be done through a password-protected interface. Your site’s control panel has a built-in story editor; all you do is copy and paste your story, and the site does all the formatting for you.


Organize your site by assigning stories to categories and subcategories to help your readers find the stories that interest them most. Your site’s navigation system is built around the categories you create. If your reader clicks on a category name, your site will show the ten most recent stories posted in that category. You can have an unlimited number of categories and subcategories on your site.


Your site will have a built-in search feature to make it easy for readers to find just the story they’re looking for. All they have to do is type in a word or phrase in the search box, and any story with that word will appear in the search results.

Automated Archives

All stories that you add to your site are automatically archived. Readers can find them with in three different ways: the search feature, clicking on a category name in the navigation bar and then browsing the list of stories, or by clicking on a month in the archive list.


Your readers can respond to any story on your site so that your news publication can become a forum for conversation in your school. Your site will wait for you to approve a comment before that comment appears on your site.

RSS Feed

Your site broadcasts your headlines on an RSS feed. In other words, someone can set their Web browser to automatically retrieve your headlines –– they can see what you’re writing about even if they don’t visit your site.


Your site is built with a powerful photo managing tool that allows you to display galleries and slideshows of photos. You can easily post songs and podcasts on your site and display videos. These features are all included in the SNO FLEX platform.

Interactive Polls

You can now learn what your readers think. All our designs have a built-in poll feature. In addition to the poll you see on the homepage of each of our designs, you can easily add a poll to any story that you publish.