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I’m one of probably many who were looking for a new hosting service after announced it was dropping its website network. In looking for alternatives, the one that impressed me the most was School Newspapers Online. What users receive is a sophisticated website based on WordPress that allows for much flexibility in how an adviser and staff want to set up their newspaper, and help in the form of an online guide, videos, email, and work orders to request assistance is readily available. Response time is very quick. And since SNO is accustomed to working with schools, that’s a big plus as far as the financial end goes. Correspondence with Tom, and an online presentation by Tom and Jason went through how the system operates, left me feeling comfortable that I’d not be left alone with something I’d not understand how to use. I recommend SNO as your school paper’s website host.

Mark Webber, Vidal M. Treviño School of Communications and Fine Arts

This was our first year with an online paper, and we couldn’t be happier with SNO. Going “live” was painless as there was so much support available to us both online and through direct contact. We’re looking forward to an even better year next year and will be happy to continue with this great company.

Carla M., The Crimson & Gold, Holy Innocents' Episcopal School, Atlanta, Georgia

The platform is really beautifully designed. The interface is straightforward and clear which allows us to focus on the design and improvement of the site, rather than spending time trying to figure out how to implement our ideas. It allows the webmaster to be much more efficient in their job… SNO clearly understands the needs of high-school papers like ours, and through the SNO FLEX platform they have given us all the tools, support, and freedom to build and run whatever site we can imagine.

Elizabeth Wilson, Annandale High School

School Newspapers Online gives added credibility to our student newspaper. The professional layout options are bar none to any other option for student publications. With very limited web programing experience, I had no problem catching on quickly and teaching my students how to use the site. It is a great tool to use to keep students up to date with the most current trends in the journalism industry. The user manual, which is provided, is written in simple language and walked me through putting our paper online. I appreciate the customer service given when I have a question. I have called and received a personal call back from Tom within an hour. In addition, Tom and Jason answer emails with the same timeliness. No matter the question, big or small, they always seem happy to help. I am impressed with their promptness!”

Rebecca S., Bishop Kelley High School, Tulsa, Oklahoma

The SNO online help and training materials are excellent, and in the unlikely event your question is not covered there, you can submit a support ticket and your question or problem will be dealt with promptly, honestly, patiently, efficiently, knowledgeably, and informatively.

Rob Melton, NW Scholastic Press

As the advisor for our school paper, I can honestly say that putting our paper online has entirely changed my perception about what a school newspaper can be and do. Removing the hassles, the expense, and the waste of a hard copy newspaper has liberated me to help students with what I believe matters most … producing solid journalistic writing and creating a quality publication. The features that allow the readers to comment on articles, respond to surveys, and easily write the editor have made the paper a popular student watering hole. Tom and Jason have kindly answered every one of my questions and helped me on numerous occasions, and the handbook is quite user friendly. Finally, I must add, the paper looks great. It looks professional and polished and everyone wonders how we did it. Well, we didn’t do it…but that’s our secret.

Terry J., Wolfpack Press, Park High School, Cottage Grove, Minnesota

I have been with School Newspapers Online since March of 2010. In that time I have been nothing short of amazed at the high quality of work that they do, the service they provide to scholastic journalism, and the level of service they provide. They often go far beyond what I would expect them to do. I have never had a request for help denied and they are continually working to upgrade the site.

Jeff B., The Mirror, Coldwater High School, Coldwater, Michigan

I am so happy we switched to SNO! Our website was outdated and a pain to update before we used SNO. It took longer to train the staff to work on the website than it did to teach them to write. With SNO, I can train a new staffer to update our website in minutes. Our newsroom loves our SNO site!

Justin E., Klein Collins High School

To all the folks at SNO, thank you so much for the incredible platform and support you provide. In less than 18 months, we transitioned from a print newspaper to an online version that is now a Pacemaker finalist. It would not have been possible were it not for SNO. Thank you.

The Staff of The Red Ledger, Lovejoy High School, Lucas, Texas

The Kirkwood High School journalism program had dabbled with the web for three years before finding School Newspapers Online. Thanks to the help of Tom and Jason, we are now confidently publishing scholastic journalism to our site. They have helped make our leap an easy one with excellent support and service. The site allows you the flexibility to do as much or as little as you want in the area of site modification. The site is professional and easy to navigate. More than anything, Tom and Jason have made the transition to web journalism a positive one for my kids and me.

Mitch E., The Kirkwood Call, Kirkwood High School, Kirkwood, Missouri

The Pony Express won second place for General Website Excellence in the Texas Intercollegiate Press Association competition this year.

We would never have been able to achieve this honor without SNO. Choosing you to build and support our online newspaper was the best management decision I could have made. From concept and design to the fine-tuning of our site, your developers and customer support people were great. Just as important is the fact that when faced with a dilemma, I submit a support ticket and it is always resolved the same day. Thank you again for all your help. We will definitely renew our contract with SNO for next year, and for as many years as I remain the faculty adviser for the Pony Express.

Teresa Beasley, Panola College

I would highly recommend School Newspapers Online as they fulfill everything they say they will do. Their designs work, they offer timely help, their site stays up, and it is very cost effective. Our school of 1200 started the Online Totem in mid October, and we have had great reviews from our community, especially Grandmas and Grandpas. Everything is working well for us. I know your school will enjoy working with Jason and Tom at School Newspapers Online.

Roseann G., The Totem, Shawnee Heights High School, Tecumseh, Kansas

As the adviser of our school newspaper, The Rampage, I strive to give my students timely, practical experience with newspaper journalism.  Students realize journalism is not what it used to be (solely print) and that technology is rapidly reshaping the industry. I want my future journalists to be prepared for the online journalism they are sure to encounter at the college level. SNO was the first online school newspaper business I researched, and since we’ve taken our publication online, I’ve never looked back. SNO offers a variety of layouts and publishing options to accommodate all levels of web journalism. The site is easy to learn, manage and update whenever needed. The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of having an online paper has been a stress-reliever, and the students are so proud of their site. Jason and Tom are extremely patient and helpful when problems arise, and most importantly, they correct our problems immediately – within a day! I’ve never experienced such efficient and professional tech support for ANY service! They are dedicated to helping schools publish professional, personalized, timely journalism. We couldn’t be happier!

Anne M. - The Rampage, Madison Comprehensive High School, Mansfield, Ohio

We are an NSPA Multimedia Finalist for work we did within 10 days of when we signed on with you!! Thank you so much for giving us the platform to have covered this huge (for us), minute-by-minute breaking news story the way that we did. It made a big difference for our community, and we are just delighted to have been recognized for it.

Joelle K., The Boiling Point, Shalhevet High School, Los Angeles, California

I am so relieved to have the SNO infrastructure. Thank you for making my job as a high school journalism adviser so much more manageable.

Michelle H., The Borah Senator, Borah High School, Boise, Idaho

When we researched our options to determine which company to use for our transition to an online newspaper, School Newspapers Online immediately grabbed my attention as the most professional, feature-laden, user-friendly, and aesthetically appealing. The one-time set up pricing paid for itself after two months of saving money on what we would have spent on printing. The yearly subscription is completely reasonable and generating ad revenue is very simple on the site. With very limited web programming or blogging experience, I have learned to organize, design, and manage the site in a very short period of time, and have been able to teach my staff how to run the paper themselves. Anytime I am uncertain about a feature, add-on, or widget, (which has been often during this learning experience) I send a quick email to Jason, and I usually have the information, advice, or solution I needed and more within a few hours. I have been completely satisfied and pleased with this service. Our school and community is buzzing about the new online newspaper; the students have never been so excited to be a part of journalism, and we feel our new medium has allowed us to get better every single day.

Justin M., The Tiger Adviser, Gilbert High School, Gilbert, Arizona

Francis Marion University signed on as a client with School Newspapers Online a year ago to host our award winning student newspaper and the feedback from our students and faculty has been outstanding. Our student newspaper editors note the website is easy to update. School Newspapers Online technical support is an added plus. The website format allows the student photographers to showcase their work a lot better than our previous website.

Dave S., The Patriot, Francis Marion University

We received our NSPA critique yesterday for and after only a few months online we received an All-American with four marks of distinction! The staff is so excited and I could not be more proud of how hard they have worked. And, we could not have done it without Jason and Tom. Thanks so much for all the help and support!

Nancy S., The Image, Lafayette High School, Wildwood, Missouri

I used a SNO site last summer at a scholastic journalism summer camp for high schoolers and met with tremendous success. By the end of the first day, the band of newbies was posting online content on the site. By the end of the week they were well on their way to becoming experts (even teaching me a thing or two), posting bios, stories with hyperlinks, photos galleries and interactive graphics; they created and embedded blogs, audio slideshows, podcasts, videos and more. These students had zero experience when they walked in the door. But because of SNO’s attractive, effective design, out-of-the box-usability, ability to accommodate a wide variety of multimedia content, detailed step-by-step how-to manuals and an extremely patient, experienced and helpful staff, the students were able to create a polished, professional site that positively dazzled. Because the SNO site took all the worry out of design, set-up, operation and maintenance, my students were able to focus on the fundamentals of journalism. Also, SNO’s basis in WordPress provides students with real-world experience in a widely-used Web publishing platform that will serve them well, personally and professionally. Thank you, thank you, thank you, SNO.

Kate M., Newspapers2Online, Scholastic Journalism Summer Camp, Torrance, California

Amidst a tough recession and a torrent of budget cuts, moving The Beachcomber to online journalism facilitated by SNO has been an excellent and cost-effective decision. We’ve become so popular in San Diego that other high school journalism programs have visited our school and are making the transition as well. The personal service we’ve gotten from technical support has resulted in resolution of tickets the same day, many times within minutes. The online medium has helped further our PTA’s goals, facilitated diverse populations to access our content, increased our journalists’ abilities to refine their craft, and catalyzed dialogue from school to school and with the greater community. Local businesses are taking note, and this synergy between the school and the community is truly the wave of the future that we’re happy to be surfing, thanks to School Newspapers Online.

Matt M., Mission Bay High School, San Diego, California