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Sports Center Add-On

This Sports Center Add-On is the most robust Add-On in the SNO collection, and it can serve as the sports hub for your entire school’s athletic department. Better yet, it’s simple to use and update.

The Sports Center Add-On comes with a dedicated page with the following features: tables of upcoming games and recent results, sports story carousel, standings and state rankings lists for all your teams, team rosters, and sports story previews.

Click on a team in either of the schedule or results tables, and you’ll be taken to a page with all of results/games, rosters, and standings for that particular team. We’ve also included an archive feature for game results that allows readers of your site to see tables with game results and standings from previous years.

Your Sports Center content automatically feeds into the sports score scrollbox and schedule widgets on the homepage. The information in both of these tables is generated automatically and requires no extra work on your part. 

If a player on a team roster is tagged in a story, his/her name in the roster list will automatically be linked to page that shows all stories tagged with his/her name.

The Sports Add-On takes full advantage of your site’s dynamic capabilities. You enter information about your games and events once, and your site automatically sorts that information and makes sure it flows to multiple places.

Cost of this Add-On:  $300

This is a one-time set-up fee. There is no renewal fee for this add-on.