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Privacy Gateway

This add-on feature is designed for schools that are concerned with controlling access to who can view their site. With this add-on, your site and its content will only be viewable by users who have clicked on a link from your school’s Web site. Your school can put that link behind a password-protected gateway. Anyone who tries to access your site without clicking on this link will be shown a generic login page and will not be able to see any of your site’s content.

While we can configure a site so that it is only viewable by someone who has clicked this link, it is the school’s responsibility to create the link on their site and to manage that link’s accessibility.

All sites, with or without this add-on, have a password-protected interface for managing content.

Cost of this add-on: $200

This is a one-time set-up fee. There is no renewal fee for this add-on.