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Multimedia Package Add-On

The SNO FLEX platform has built in multimedia capabilities, but this add-on provides a more sophisticated and centralized approach to multimedia content. This add-on aggregates all your videos into one page where your readers can quickly scroll through all your videos in an AJAX-powered video player.

Similarly, this feature also includes a page that aggregates all your slideshows into one page and gives your readers an easy way to scroll through them. If your photographers create a lot of slideshows, this add-on will help you showcase their work.

This add-on also provides a video display that can be positioned at the top of your homepage, making it easy for your readers to instantly access all your videos.

Underneath every video that displayed in the multimedia add-on, there is a link to the corresponding story that is attached to the video. The multimedia package will draw your readers in, and this gives them an easy way to dig deeper into your content.

Cost of this Add-On: $150

This is a one-time set-up fee. There is no renewal fee for this add-on.