What extra features can be added to my site?

All our sites come with everything you need to get started immediately, but we do offer a few extra features and services that can enhance your site and your Web experience. The price for each add-on feature is listed below. With the exception of the Email Addresses add-on, the cost for each is a one-time charge — it will not increase your yearly renewal fee.

Sports Center

This add-on will allow your website to function as the central sports information hub for your school — it’s powerful, and it’s simple to use and update. The Sports Center add-on comes with a dedicated page with the following features: tables of upcoming games and recent results, sports story carousel, standings boxes for up to 8 teams, team rosters, and sports story previews, and it includes the sports score widget, schedule widget, and standings widget for your homepage. Learn more about the Sports Center package.

Multimedia Package

All of our designs have built in multimedia capabilities, but this add-on provides a more sophisticated and centralized approach to multimedia content. This add-on aggregates your multimedia presentations in a centralized page where your users can easily scroll through all your videos and slideshows. Learn more about the Multimedia Package.

SNO Ad Rotate

SNO Ad Widgets are included in FLEX, and you can add as many as you like for local ads. However, now SNO Ad Rotate allows you to rotate your ads in one new widget while providing you analytics such as impressions and click-throughs.

Form Builder

The Form Builder add-on allows you to create virtually any kind of submission form for your Web site. From a letter to the editor widget on your homepage to a page for photo submissions, the Form Builder add-on gives you the tools you need to let your site viewers connect with you any way you want. Learn more about the Form Builder Add-On.

Add-On Services

Personalized Training Sessions

We’ve developed highly detailed instructions and video tutorials to help you learn to publish with your new site, but if you want something more personalized, the SNO Training sessions (SNOTs) are just the thing for you.  Whether you’re just getting started or you’re ready to go to the next level, we have training sessions to help you get there. During these hour-long training sessions, we’ll cover the information essential to each topic area and answer all your questions (at least the ones related to your SNO site). We’ll make sure you get the information you need.

Privacy Gateway

This add-on service is designed for schools that are concerned with controlling access to who can view their site. With this add-on, your site and its content will only be viewable by users who have clicked on a link from your school’s Web site. Your school can put that link behind a password-protected gateway. Anyone who tries to access your site without clicking on this link will be shown a generic login page and will not be able to see any of your site’s content. Learn more about the Privacy Gateway.

Logo Design and Web Header

Need a professional-quality logo and header image for your new site? With this add-on, we will work with you to create a great looking Web-ready logo to your specifications and a formatted header graphic for your new site. This service includes 3 logo concepts to review with free and unlimited revisions. Learn more about our Logo Design Service.

Email Addresses

This add-on will allow you to setup and manage up to 100 email addresses at your domain. For example, if your domain is studentnews.com, this will allow you to set up an email address such as williams@studentnews.com or editor@studentnews.com. Learn more about Email Addresses.